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The MentalMetal show&Productions
Category: Metal
Location: High Point, North Carolina
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August 03, 2016 05:11 PM PDT

The JDB has a relentless work ethic.
Shedding blood to show off original works of musical art and sharing with their fans
almost daily.
Riding through the night playing every show that they possibly can get in and be apart of.
Going the extra miles to be heard.
Creating new original music and standing by it.
Not caving to what society wants or the latest trend.
You won't hear of the JDB changing its style or selling out its beliefs for
money, or even for the status quo.
This is a real band. A band who has their own ideals and their own pursuit of music glory.
That pursuit is to bring a live
crushing rock show to the people with heart, soul in a big display of sonic power.
To stand by their fans who have stood by
them all these years. The songs are not your typical rock songs, they are very unique.
High velocity music mixed with
southern hard rock and delta blues. With a original sound and creation of songs.
This is one of the most original bands
playing and recording music today.
Delta slide guitar mixed into hard rock, chicken pickin guitars on overload. Thunderous
drums, and a crushing bass. With a real honest sincere vocals.

They represent the percentage of people who are different and special.
A band that stands for freedom. Freedom to be
yourself. No matter who you are or what you are.
A band that says your a individual, and your are our friend and you are
always accepted at a JDB show.
We have a incredible following of crazy fans from all walks of life who follow the band

Putting out seven albums on his own.

July 20, 2016 05:39 PM PDT

ANGERHEAD is a San Jose, California based band that was started in Feb 2011.
They blend elements of Bay Area Thrash, Metal and Punk into the music they write.
Since the beginning, they have since shared the stage with Hatriot, Exodus,
Testament, Death Angel, and many others.

band members
Eric Beard – Guitars
Paul Hastey – Vocals
Jim Pegram – Bass
David ONeal – Drums

fueled by rage EP.

July 08, 2016 05:18 PM PDT

Hailing from Philadelphia, PA, Corners of Sanctuary formed in 2011
to bring back the roots of Classic Heavy Metal.

Driven by the power and inspiration given to us by Metal music,
C.O.S. has ignited the fires of Classic Heavy Metal,
bringing the genre full circle as the sounds of yesterday live again
as the sounds of today in the New Wave of Traditional American Heavy Metal
(NWoTAHM) genre! Hard hitting, head banging, straight forward Heavy Metal is the mission
- nothing less will do. Old School is back with a vengeance.... Metal Has Returned!

Corners of Sanctuary has performed with many notable artists including:
Saxon, Anvil, Butcher Babies, Grim Reaper, David Shankle (DSG, Manowar),
Tantric, Green Jello, The Edge of Paradise, Dom Jameison, Black Lodge and Damon Johnson
(Black Star Riders, Thin Lizzy, Brother Kane).
Their 2013 album “Axe to Grind” was released through La Mazakuata Records.
In 2014 the album was re-released by Pure Steel Records.
Pure Steel Records also released the band’s second album “Harlequin”.

Corners of Sanctuary’s fourth album “Metal Machine”
officially released in October 2015 on Metalizer Records Germany.
Mastered by Death Dealer guitarist Stu “The Hammer” Marshall,
this album will pick up where “Axe to Grind” left off.
Get your Metal engines running you’re not going to want to miss this one!

July 02, 2016 05:22 AM PDT

Zach Allen – Lead Vocals Harrison Marcello – Guitars Nicholas Burrows – Drums Max McDonald – Bass

Formed in New York City, with an astonishingly young yet accomplished line-up, Tempt set out their stall in magnificent fashion and deliver the goods, as their full-length debut album ‘Runaway’ shows. In a word, respected music journalist Malcolm Dome of Classic Rock Magazine describes ‘Runaway’ as “Brilliant!”.
Tempt take compelling contemporary rock as their touchstone and foundation, but also keep one foot confidently in the past, drawing on the feel good classic rock of the 80s, lending their music an undeniably retro feel. This combination of new and old gives Tempt a sound and swagger that combines the cut and thrust of modern rock (like Rival Sons and Foo Fighters) with the blazing pride and passion of vintage arena rock (think Van Halen and Def Leppard); a staggering achievement in this day and age.
Gigging locally, but focussing on writing and recording, Tempt have thrown convention to the wind and assembled ‘Runaway’,one of this year’s most arresting releases.
In an effort to recruit as many believers as possible, Tempt will descend on British and European soil later this year, looking to solidify their offensive and take no prisoners. The warning shots have been fired: either take cover, or climb on board for the thrill of a lifetime.
“Together these guys are breathing the life back in to rock and roll with their big sound. Their music is highly guitar driven, up-tempo rock that will have you with your fist in the air and ready to party.” Music Junkie Press
Kids want to rock and Tempt is the band they've been waiting for. Comprised of Zach Allen (lead vocals), Harrison Marcello (guitars, keyboards, vocals), Nicholas Burrows (drums), and Max McDonald (bass, vocals).

This New York City-based band is all about big hooks and big riffs. Tempt brings musicianship, style, performance, and a new rock sound to a generation hungry for something fresh and exciting. The band has performed at major events and venues such as Rocklahoma, BB Kings, Hard Rock NYC and The Knitting Factory. Tempt is a rock experience for the next generation.
“With vocalist Allen and guitarist Marcello barely twenty years of age, they looked at the room of spectator’s right in the eyes and blew them away. Having the crowd on their feet and cheering for more, the band had an impressive hold on the moment and kept it coming with more ripping, guitar-driven tunes. Tempt is a rock band which have the perfect formula for success; talent, style, and youth”. Cryptic Rock live review BB Kings NYC with Tom Keifer.
With melodic sing-along tunes and soaring guitar riffs, they are a must see if they come to your town! Tempt is this generations' Van Halen!
"Tempt is one of those bands that have success written all over them. When I was mixing their album, I couldn't make up my mind which song would be the single, because they all are very well written and performed. Great band, great songs, great performances." Michael Wagener (multi-platinum producer)
“Under My Skin”, Tempt’s debut EP was released as a limited collector’s edition for the band’s appearance at Rocklahoma. The pressing sold out. The band’s full length debut album, Runaway produced by Tag and Billy for Sticky Audio Labs and mixed by Michael Wagener (Dokken, Ozzy, Metallica) and Mario McNulty (David Bowie).
"Tempt have come up with their own unique brand of melodic hard rock, a heady mix of West Coast Sleaze and East Coast street cred. Their “Under My Skin” EP is nothing short of breathtaking" AOR Magazine
"Their full length album is in a word, Brilliant" Malcolm Dome (Classic Rock Magazine)
"These are the guys who can bring rock back to arenas! They're the next generation" Nite Bob
You may have seen them mentioned on various websites and in magazines over the last year - mainly praising a highly regarded self-financed EP and a smattering of live shows. The EP showcased a young, but thoroughly contemporary, band playing a style of music that evoked memories of the great melodic hard rock bands of the past. It was a heart-warming experience as the delivery, arrangements and attack suggested an allegiance to acts like Foo Fighters, Rival Sons and Alter Bridge, yet the musicianship and spirit bring to mind classic Van Halen, Aerosmith and Def Leppard. The band has crafted a truly spellbinding debut album; one that confronts the listener with a blast of the present but suggests a comforting whiff of the past. Crucially, all the elements are in place, from great vocals (courtesy of Zach Allen), incredible guitar playing (by Harrison Marcello) and brilliantly crafted songs with enough twists and turns to not only satisfy the musically inclined but also to appeal to folk who just want to rock.

June 11, 2016 08:57 AM PDT

Jack Gurecki - Vocals
Mark Quinn - Guitar
Michael Nelson - Guitar
Caelan Gregory - Drums

The Maryland hard rockers in Ignite The Fire have become a defining presence in the East Coast music scene.
Formed in 2011, they have done countless shows both big and small bringing their style and sound to music fans spanning generations.
They have had their music featured on 98 Rock’s Noise in the Basement out of Baltimore,
MD and started off the first ever Operation Rock Fest opening for Pop Evil, Nonpoint,
Saving Abel, Gemini Syndrome, Like A Storm, and many others.
They have also opened for such up and coming bands as The Virginmarys, Another Lost Year,
Lansdowne, Prospect Hill, Screaming For Silence, as well as international acts Crashdiet and Crucified Barbara.
With exposure came the prospect of upping the ante and busting out a debut release rooted in hard rock with a signature spin.

The result would be Ignite The Fire’s self-titled debut EP featuring three hard hitting and melodic songs.
The quintet - vocalist Jack Gurecki,
guitarists Mark Quinn and Michael Nelson,
bassist Dean Kidd, and drummer Caelan Gregory –
sought not only to create hard rock songs, but also a sense of variety.
“We wanted three songs that could stand apart but could be easily identifiable as our own.” noted Gurecki.
This case is made clear from start to finish.
From “Second To None’s” adrenaline rushed, fuel injected ride to “Living The Lie’s” powerhouse of groove and soaring melodies,
there’s something for everyone to enjoy and come back for more.

A strong emphasis was made towards not only the musical aspect of writing, but the lyrical aspect as well.
“There’s been a step away in striving to write lyrically inspiring songs in recent years.” says Gregory.
“We wanted songs to pull at emotions; songs that could reflect mood and inspire.”
A wide array of themes are touched upon within the lyrics; from
“Second To None’s” push to fight for what you believe in to “Voyeur’s” message of overcoming addiction.

Probably the most divergent song off the EP is the concluding song “Voyeur”.
Set to be the first single, “Voyeur” is a culmination of everything Ignite The Fire wished to achieve with their debut release.
Coupled with thick guitars, a hard hitting rhythm, and a catchy chorus, “Voyeur” is destined to be a hit that will have everyone singing along.

Ignite The Fire’s hard work and tenacity to make great rock music comes full circle with their debut EP.
Coupled with their intense and energetic live shows,
the band plans to release with full force what they can do and help solidify themselves as not only a powerful rock band, but an act not to be missed.

April 21, 2016 07:10 AM PDT
itunes pic

Today, Kansas City's Vänlade plunges steadily onward through the ranks of soulless commercial music and angst ridden faux etal that have consumed the masses. With elements borrowed from the hard rock and heavy metal titans of the golden years and their own unique twists, they proudly carry the torch in a city largely overlooked and forgotten by the old guard of classic metal.
The roots of what would become Vänlade began in 2006, in a suburban Kansas high school. An early variation of the band, including guitarist Zach Vänlade and bass guitarist Nikky Skorcher, met and began jamming in their teenage years. They honed their craft at talent expos and small shows for years, silently driven by the urge to perfect their sound.
With the addition of classmate and vocalist Brett Blackout Scott and drummer CC Spearhead in 2009, the band began playing shows regionally and started piecing together the songs that would find their home on their 2012 debut album "Iron Age," released under joint distribution by Slaney and Stormspell Records. In these years, the band crossed paths with many of metal's greatest, including supporting slots for bands such as Manilla Road, Death Angel, Forbidden, Diamond Head, Raven, Primal Fear, Omen, White Wizzard, Banshee, and many more.
With an ever growing catalogue of killer shows and an arsenal of deadly songs, Vänlade are heading at light speed into a promising future. The band's second full-length, “Rage Of The Gods” was released in September 2015 and with the addition of second guitarist, Vinnie Lee Camarillo and new drummer, Nolan Weber, Vänlade continues to reach new heights. Their original mix of blinding speed, intense power, and incredibly energetic live performance has proven sufficiently potent and shows no signs of breaking down any time soon. As the band's own motto goes, "stay heavy or die!"
Vanlade – Iron Age (2012)
Vanlade – Rage of the Gods (2015)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vanlade

April 08, 2016 08:29 AM PDT
itunes pic

Since 2008 TMU RECORDS has been unearthing lost and unheard musical gems from the fertile underground Texas metal scene of the mid 1980’s through the early 1990’s. To preserve and share this heavy musical legacy, the label focuses primarily on bands who burned bright, briefly, but disappeared without a trace before anyone could take much notice. Bands who managed to get a demo recorded but for reasons unknown never shared it beyond a close circle of friends and fans. Whether on vinyl, CD, or cassette, all TMU RECORDS releases are given lavish treatment with custom packaging, unseen photos, show flyers, interviews, informative booklets, rare bonus tracks and extras for the denim and leather die-hards. For 2016, look for upcoming deluxe vinyl releases from Karion, Las Cruces, Bad Heaven, SSR, and more!

March 26, 2016 08:13 AM PDT

Performing since 2010, Flames of Fury is an explosive female-fronted metal act strongly rooted in Heavy Power Metal with speed metal influences. Fronted by the sword wielding femme fatale, Angelica "Valkyrie" Vargas, her martial arts inspired hi-flying kicks coupled with shattering vocals, melodic guitars (served up by Jason Perez and Paul Duthil) and blinding fast drums (Marc Capellupo) makes this group a must see!
Flames of Fury’s presence is well known within NYC performing at some of the best stages for metal including B.B. Kings Blues Club, Gramercy Theater, and Stage 48. Their packed performances have been covered by Metal Insider, The Aquarian Weekly and others. Their most recent milestone was to be selected as the direct support act to Warlock’s Doro Pesch at her 30th anniversary performance at Gramercy Theater.
Flames of Fury is currently working to complete their first LP, Firestarter. Their previous selftitled EP contained five songs and the music video "No Mercy" was well received in the metal community in the US and overseas. Flames of Fury is endorsed by Revelation drums and have collaborated with such artists as Mike LePond (Symphony X, Silent Assassins).
Flames of Fury – Flames of Fury (EP) (2013)
Flames of Fury – Firestarter (CD) (2016)
Line-Up (2015)
Angelica Vargas: Vocals Jason Perez: Lead Guitar Paul Duthil: Rhythm Guitar Mike LePond: Bass (Symphony X / Silent Assassins) Marc Capellupo: Drums
Official Website:
Official Facebook page:

March 25, 2016 06:52 AM PDT

ALBUM RELEASE DATE: February 1st, 2016

HELION PRIME self-titled debut album tracklist:

Into the Alien Terrain
The Drake Equation
Life Finds a Way
Into the Black Hole
A Place I Thought I Knew
You Keep What You Kill
Ocean of Time
Apollo (The Eagle Has Landed)
Live and Die on This Day

Band bio:

Helion Prime was first conceived from a common love of metal and all things science. The band was founded when Jason Ashcraft (of Dire Peril) asked Heather Michele (of Graveshadow) to form a project with him. Between the two, they had worked with such artists as Mark Briody (Jag Panzer), Brittney Slayes (Unleash the Archers), Andy LaRocque (King Diamond), Ralph Scheepers (Primal Fear), Arjen Anthony Lucassen (Ayreon/Star One), and Niklas Isfeldt (Dream Evil). The concept; power metal with themes based on actual scientific theories with the occasional sci-fi tribute. The name Helion Prime was borrowed from an alien planet featured in the film "Chronicles of Riddick," a movie the two were great fans of. She accepted the exciting proposition without hesitation. The two recorded their first demo track in June of 2014, and with the help of members from Dire Peril and Axiom, Helion Prime debuted their first live performance in August 2014 at the Boardwalk in Orangevale, CA. The dynamic duo then released their first EP on February 26th, 2015 with a full length album in the works. Helion Prime’s lineup was completed after bringing Jeremy Steinhouse on bass and Justin Herzer (of Axiom) on drums. In August of 2015, Helion Prime set out on their first tour, playing shows in Oregon, Nevada, California, and Utah. Their debut album is set to be released in early 2016 and will be featuring special guest Niklas Isfeldt of Dream Evil. Stay tuned all you power metal fanatics!

Website and Facebook links



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